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Egyptian Marble Statues on Plinths

£ 15000

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This impressive pair of reclaimed block statues are carved from solid black and gold marble.
Block statues emerged in Ancient Egypt and used in temples, their subject seated on the ground with knees drawn up to the chest (resulting in a block-like form). The block statues sit upon solid marble plinths with square motifs to the base.

The simple 'block' shape provided ample surface area for inscriptions of offerings and invocations, just as hieroglyphics are seen on block statues in museums, these too have carvings on the aprons of the figures. The marble has an extremely smooth and tactile surface.
The formidable size coupled with the intricate carvings and attractive form provides an interesting feature piece for an interior or exterior space.

152cm Tall, 45cm wide, 45.5cm Deep
Dimensions are approximate

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