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how do I use Salvo?

Welcome to Salvo. We are a gateway to the world of reclamation, architectural salvage and antiques, find everything from fireplaces and stone walling to sculpture and chandeliers. Salvo is a marketplace on which dealers and privates can sell antique, reclaimed and recrafted items. Salvo does not hold stock, but rather connects buyers and sellers. Browse listings or shop directly through Salvo’s online shop, which allows you to purchase from trusted Salvo Code dealers with our secure checkout.

If you are not already registered. Click on ‘sign up’ to register as a new user on Salvo.

If you are already registered and you have forgotten your password just click 'forgot password’ on the sign in page.

Note: Business users pay a one off registration fee of £42 inc. vat. Business users can create a Salvo directory entry.

how do I buy through Salvo’s online shop?

All items that are for sale through salvo are located in the ‘shop’ page. To buy an item simply click ‘add to basket’ and proceed to the checkout. You can message the seller from the item detail page to ask a question or request a bespoke delivery quote. At the moment you can only buy one item per transaction.

where does Salvo deliver to?

We currently only provide delivery in the UK, but please check back again as we will launch international delivery soon.

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more about Salvo for business users below:

Salvo for free:
Listings are free for individual reclaimed, recrafted or antique items or specific named batches of reclaimed materials. Please do not use free listings for general businesses promotion and do not refresh an old advert by duplicating it on the free listing system. Instead make the original advert into a ‘Featured enhanced listing’ detailed below.
All listing must comply with local consumer protection laws, money laundering laws, and distance selling laws. Gas cookers for UK functional use must also comply with selling used gas cooking appliances regulations regarding safety.’

how to create a new listing:
Click ‘add new item’ in your your Salvo user dashboard
Keep it simple with a short title and description. You can add up to 6 images. Never include recognisable photos of people or pets.
*Helpful tip ensure you have your photos ready to go, editing or changing the order of photos on the Salvo form can cause caching problems which can make images rotate and duplicate.
Click the ‘Pending' box at the end of creating your listing to save an advert until you are ready to make it live.
Simply return to ‘Listings’ on your Salvo user dashboard and find the advert then Click on ‘Edit’ to make any changes to your advert.
When you have created your advert before you confirm to make the advert ‘Live' there is also an option to Tick a box to email interested dealers.
Confirm to make to your advert ‘Live' on Salvo.

choose the correct sector:
antique & reclaimed: architectural salvage, antiques, reclaimed and salvaged items. recraft & upcycled: new individual items made from reclaimed and salvaged materials. wanted: individual antique or salvaged items and small specific batches wanted for a project or renovation. demolition: alerts for items currently still insitu. new & repro: new or unused items under ten years old. theft alerts: alerts for stolen items which must include a crime reference number.

choose the correct category for your advert:
Fine Architectural & Garden category is for items over £10,000 in value. For items of less value instead choose the Garden, Stone or Statuary etc

sold items:
Please remember to click ‘Archive’ to remove an advert from the website. Please do this immediately after an item has been Sold so potential buyers know the item is no longer available.

other advertising options:
Featured enhanced listings: promote an item on the homepage.
Simply click the enhanced listing box on your advert and choose from one to four weeks, priced at £30 inc vat per week.

Note: All mixed batches of antique or reclaimed materials, general wanted adverts, promotional or duplicate adverts should always be made into featured enhanced listed adverts.

Salvo homepage and inside page button or the larger event banner adverts:
A Salvo inside page button or the larger banner adverts link to dealer or other business websites. These are easy to design or upload from your Salvo user dashboard. Note: Homepage button links are all Salvo Code members.

simply book and pay for all these advertising options with a Salvo account top up.
Pay with PayPal/Credit card from your Salvo user dashboard. Just click to top up your account and pay via ‘Balances and Payments’.

keep your ‘Contacts’ and ‘Settings' up to date:
It is important for potential customers to be able to contact you simply from the ’Send a Message’ box which uses your email address.
Please keep your current email address up to date on ‘Settings' plus other contact details such as telephone number, address and website links etc in ‘Contacts’ in your Salvo user dashboard.

Salvo Code membership:
Salvo Code members follow good practice in buying and selling and this flags trust to potential customers. Look out for the crane logo on member listings. If you are interested in Salvo Code membership: email shirley@salvo.co.uk for more information and an application form.

Any further help or information just let us know. Happy to help anytime. If you are a dealer interested in selling on our online shop or if you are interested in current button, banner, auction and event package prices Click here to contact us.


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