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welcome to Salvo: we are a gateway to the world of reclamation, architectural salvage and antiques, find everything from fireplaces and stone walling to statuary and chandeliers. Salvo is a marketplace on which dealers and privates can sell antique, reclaimed and recrafted items. Salvo does not hold stock, but rather connects buyers and sellers.

new user: click on 'sign up' to register as a new Salvo user.

returning user: already registered and you have forgotten your password just click 'forgot password' on the sign in page.

Note: If you are using free email services such as hotmail and yahoo, please check your spam or junk folders for system messages from SalvoWEB.

how to buy through Salvo's online shop: items with a 'buy' button are available to shop directly from trusted Salvo member dealers. Simply click 'add to basket' and we will confirm availability for you to proceed to the secure checkout. Due to the fact that most items are one of a kind, sometimes availability confirmation may take up to 48 hours. You can message the seller from the item detail page to ask a question or request a bespoke delivery quote. At the moment you can only buy one item per transaction.

where does the Salvo online shop deliver to: currently the shop items can only be delivered within the UK, but please check back again as we will launch international delivery soon.

how to buy safely across the platform & warning notes: it is important to distinguish between items that you can buy directly in Salvo's online shop from regular for sale listings. We only offer items to buy directly on Salvo from trusted Salvo members. We encourage reuse by allowing other business and private users to list items for sale. Listings are not pre-checked and we hope that people will not abuse the open access given to them. But some people do abuse the system. This abuse is usually minor, for example using a superlative like 'the best' or claiming to be a private seller rather than a trade seller. However, people might on rare occasion, for example, list items that have been stolen or made in countries under unfair or illegal labour conditions. Please report any concerns.

buying salvage for the first time: if you have not bought antique or reclaimed materials before, or have not dealt with a particular dealer before, we suggest that you do not buy goods unless you have thoroughly inspected them first, and that you do not pay cash in advance for any item, in full or as a deposit.

free listings: all users can post free wanted listings, demolition alerts and theft alerts.

private users: have 3 free listings for individual reclaimed, recrafted or antique items and specific named batches of reclaimed materials being sold as one lot. If you reach your free limit, simply top up your listing credit in your dashboard in 'Listings' via PayPal/credit card. After your free allowance, private user listings are £5 inc vat.

business users: pay a one off registration fee of £35 plus vat, which gives you the opportunity to create your own page in the global Salvo directory, including images, info and links. Business users are also able to list up to 30 items for free. If you reach your free limit, simply top up your listing credit in your dashboard in 'Listings' via PayPal/credit card. Business user listings are available in bundles of 30 for £30 inc vat.

Please do not use listings for general businesses promotion and do not refresh an old advert by duplicating it. Instead give the original advert maximum exposure by making it a 'featured enhanced listing', as detailed below

how to create a new listing: sign in and click on the person icon to go to your Salvo user dashboard panel. Then select 'add new item ' to create your advert. Keep it simple with a short title and description, you can add up to 6 images *helpful tip: ensure you have your photos ready to go, editing or changing the order of photos on the Salvo form can cause caching problems which can make images rotate and duplicate.

Working from home or online only: Keep your address private on your live website adverts: Simply tick to 'Hide' your full address details when creating your Salvo directory. For all other adverts simply let Salvo know.

Please see the full Salvo rules for listings below

Select the 'pending' button to save an advert until you are ready to make it live and simply return to 'listings' to find and 'edit' to make any changes to your advert. Simply 'confirm' to make your advert live on the website.

note: before you confirm to make the advert 'live' you can opt to tick a box to email interested dealers.

choose the correct sector:
directory: the business user registration fee includes a Salvo directory entry.
antique & reclaimed: items for sale
recraft & upcycled: new items made from reclaimed and salvaged materials.
wanted: individual antique & reclaimed items or small specific batches wanted for a project or renovation.
dismantling & demolition: alerts for items currently still insitu.
new, replica & repro: new or unused items under ten years old.
theft alerts: stolen items which must include a crime reference number

choose the correct category for your listing: categories are mainly self explanatory, but if you are not sure then please check items already listed in that category for guidance. The fine architectural & garden antique category is for items over £10,000 in value. For items of less value instead choose other categories such as garden, stone or statuary etc.

sold items: please remember to click 'archive' to remove an advert from the website. Please do this immediately after an item has sold so that potential buyers know the item is no longer available.

valuations: Salvo cannot provide valuations. Instead use the directory to find local dealers or auction houses.

other advertising options: featured enhanced listings: promote an item on the homepage. Simply click the enhanced listing button on your advert and choose from one to four weeks, priced at £30 inc vat per week.

All mixed batches of antique or reclaimed materials, general wanted adverts, promotional or duplicate adverts should always be made into featured enhanced listed adverts.

Salvo homepage and inside page button or the larger event banner adverts: These are easy to design or upload from your Salvo user dashboard. Note: all Salvo homepage button links are only for Salvo members following the Salvo Code.

book and pay for all these advertising options: pay with PayPal/credit card from your Salvo user dashboard. Simply top up your Salvo account to pay via 'balances and payments'.

keep your 'contacts' and 'settings' up to date: it is important for potential buyers to be able to contact you simply from the 'send a message' button which uses your email address.

Please keep your current email address up to date on 'settings' plus other contact details such as telephone number, address and website links in 'contacts' from your Salvo user dashboard.

Salvo membership: Salvo members follow the Salvo Code for good practice in buying and selling and this flags trust to potential customers. Look out for the crane logo on member listings. If you are interested in more information or an application form contact us

subscribe for Salvo email alerts: choose email preferences from your Salvo user dashboard to select to receive email alerts for all new wanted, for sale listings, demolition or theft alerts.

subscribe for the monthly SalvoNEWS: featuring salvage, fair, auction, green design and reuse news and views.

any further help or information: Salvo is happy to help anytime. If you are a dealer interested in selling through Salvo or advertising packages contact us

Salvo rules for listings:

  • never place a general, promotional or refresh an old advert by duplicating it. Instead give the original advert or promotional listings maximum exposure by making them a featured enhanced listing.
  • never use the 'antique & reclaimed' sector for new or repro items or for secondhand items or materials less than 10 years old that have never been used.
  • never use free adverts for items which are still in-situ.
  • never use the 'antique & reclaimed' sector for items recrafted from reclaimed materials or re-sawn or re-machined flooring made from reclaimed timbers. These should instead be sold in the recraft & upcycled sector.
  • never use the 'antique & reclaimed' sector for items still in-situ and not yet dismantled.
  • always advertise specific items only or named batches of reclaimed materials being sold as one lot. It is not permitted to use regular listings for large batches of items, general sales, clearance sales or other promotional sales. These must be featured enhanced listings.
  • If measurements are close to those in one of your existing adverts, the new advert may be treated as a duplicate. For example, 2 3/4ins bricks and 2 7/8ins bricks, or 6 7/8ins flooring and 7ins flooring. Duplicate adverts should be made into featured enhanced listings.
  • use of identical photos in different listings will result in the adverts being treated as duplicates, even if the written descriptions are different.
  • do not use the words 'sale' or 'special offer' with no evidence of the original price. This contravenes the UK Sale of Goods Acts.

Salvo rules when adding a listing:

  • never use ALL CAPITALS LIKE THIS. Use normal upper case and lower case type.
  • never use special characters like ***** this, or like these L$$K!!
  • never place urls [such as www.example-of-a-url.com] or social media links in the body of a message.
  • never use the word 'cash' in any advert [unless the item you are selling is a 'cash register'.
  • never include recognisable photos of people or pets in adverts.
  • never specify payment arrangements. Your trade advert on the Salvo website is for information only, it is not a contract or treaty to buy with terms and conditions.
  • always be accurate about where items are located.
  • always 'archive 'your advert once the item is no longer available for sale.
  • always be truthful on adverts. Do not lie, embellish or exaggerate.
  • always add a realistic guide price. Do not use 'dummy' low prices such as £1 or unrealistic high prices. Price on Application (POA) can be added to the item description.
  • Never advertise items on or made from species on the CITES protected list which includes endangered woods such as rosewood, elephant ivory, tortoiseshell, crocodile, snake, alligator, sawfish, tiger and other 'big cat' skins, horns and antlers, skulls, 'raw' bone, giraffe, pangolin etc
  • You are responsible for an item's safety:
  • do not sell items known to contain asbestos on Salvo. see the Asbestos removal factsheet from the UK government.
  • You must state whether lighting and other second-hand electrical goods meet all legal safety requirements e.g. correctly fitted with an approved plug, with sleeved neutral and live pins, fitted with the correct fuse and dated PAT test labels attached
  • Furniture made after 1950 must meet all fire and safety regulations for flammability.
  • gas cookers for UK functional use must comply with selling used gas cooking appliances regulations regarding safety.
  • never use free adverts for items that are still in-situ prior to removal. Instead use a dismantling & demolition alert but after the demolition you may replace the demolition alert with a for sale advert.
  • only in-situ photos: if you wish to show a picture of a demolished item when it was still in-situ that is fine provided you also show at least one image of that same item in your yard or showroom as well.

*note: Salvo members signed up to the Salvo code do have greater advertising flexibility.