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about us

Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991.

SalvoWEB.com is a global platform for anyone and everyone, from DIYers to designers, architects and builders, matching something reclaimed or recrafted with someone who wants to reuse it.

Our story began as a reaction to the UK demolitions of the 60s and 70s when masses of reclaimable building materials were destroyed. This needless waste inspired the creation of pioneering businesses dedicated to rescuing materials, and the reclamation scene was born.

One of those early businesses was Walcot Reclamation, a salvage yard co-founded in the 70s by Thornton Kay. In 1991, he launched Salvo with Hazel Matravers to champion reuse by promoting the reclamation network and reducing the amount of salvageable materials that ended up in landfill.

Initially a magazine and directory of suppliers to make it easier for people to buy architectural salvage, Salvo soon grew into a movement. The Salvo Code was established to offer confidence to buyers. Simply look for the crane logo – the sign of our world-leading reclamation assurance scheme for businesses that meet high standards in responsible sourcing. 

Today, Salvo is the destination for reuse with the marketplace and worldwide directory of salvage friendly businesses. Our digital tools, such as wanted alerts and demolition alerts , allow architectural features, building materials and complete buildings to circulate through our community. You can now also shop directly on SalvoWEB. Look for items with a 'Buy Now' button offered exclusively by Salvo Code members.

Salvage has always been appreciated for its connection with history, but it should also be increasingly appealing for the environmental benefits of reuse and its essential relationship with our future. Our newly launched Truly Reclaimed mark ensures that an item is genuine and highlights heritage stories as well as the environmental benefits of real reuse.

We are here to support your reuse ambitions, whether you want to renovate your home or reduce the carbon footprint of a major construction project. Together, we are accelerating the reuse economy for true circularity.

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