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privacy policy

privacy and private users

Salvo tries to protect the privacy of private users.

Signing up: New users are requested to provide some personal information. Salvo will not share, sell, or rent that information without a user's permission or unless ordered by a court of law.

Using the system: Users pass information via SalvoEMAILS and by listing on Salvo such as ‘antique & reclaimed’ items for sale or ‘wanted’ items. Users fill in forms online which result in the contents of these forms appearing on Salvo websites and emails. We recommend that these listings do not contain email addresses, names or personal information, but if a private Salvo user wishes to put their email address or name or phone number on then the system allows them to do so. Be warned that if a user places personal details in Salvo listings they will be seen on the internet. The Salvo system operates perfectly well without personal details in the ‘listings’. User email addresses are hidden provided users do not place their email addresses in the body of the text in their 'listings'. There are instructions about this on the online forms.

Receiving SalvoEMAILS: Users receive emails via Salvo in reply to listings and about topics of interest. It is possible for spammers, abusers, fraudsters and others to use SalvoEMAILS although Salvo endeavours to prevent this. All SalvoEMAILS have instructions on them for unsubscribing to those and future emails. All users have access to their own 'control panel' where they can select which, if any, SalvoEMAILS they receive. The Salvo user dashboard also allows users to delete listings and terminate their registration. Users whose submitted contact details become disfunctional may be contacted by phone or direct email instead.

Subscribing to SalvoNEWS: eSalvo is a newsletter containing news, stories, events and ads. Subscribing to SalvoNEWS is not the same as signing up to Salvo. You will have to sign up separately to sign into Salvo and reply to, or create listings. Salvo will require your email address to register to SalvoNEWS. Salvo will not share, sell, or rent that information without the registrant's permission or unless ordered by a court of law.

cookie preferences


SalvoWEB.com sends a simple php session cookie needed to help you move back and forth between SalvoWEB pages. Google Analytics sends four cookies to help it compile stats about Salvo's users. You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies (see link below) on our site and all other sites which use them. Neither Google nor Salvo collects personal data about you. Cookies are not shared, nor used for commercial or third party purposes. It is possible for a cookie to identify a unique computer, but cookies cannot be used to discover information personal to the user like their name or address. In theory, even without any cookies being set, a computer can be tracked via server access log files, rather like a phone company getting 'caller ID'. However Salvo has only heard of that happening in police investigations.

Google: Cookies & Google Analytics
Google: Opt out of Google Analytics
UK Government: Cookies - advice for members of the public

If you wish to use Salvo then you must accept the use of the SalvoWEB php session cookie, and either opt out of the Google Analytics cookies or accept their use too.