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Monumental Antique Statuary Marble Carved Chimneypiece

£ 35,000 inc VAT

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An exceptional 19th Century English Statuary marble fireplace. The large surround has finely carved masks to the top of each jamb, and is surmounted by a deep bevelled shelf. Delicately carved floral paterae decorate the frieze. Fluted jambs ret upon substantial foot blocks.A vastly impressive chimneypiece that can be viewed at our Hertfordshire warehouse.This fire surround is of substantial proportions measuring:Shelf: 213.5cm x 42cm Height: 125.5cmOpening: 110cm Wide x 94cm Dimensions are Approximate. 

  • Item ID: 35854
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: FEODORA
  • Date of listing: 25-07-2022

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