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Reclaimed Carron Foundry Cast Iron Fireback (2 Available)

£ 650

With varying levels of relief work, this reclaimed fireback is a superb replica of an exact copy of the one made by the Carron Foundry of Falkirk in Scotland.We currently have 2 of these firebacks available  - please contact us to check stock levelsThe substantial and heavy piece is cast with a knight on horseback and inscribed "L D Fairfax Covnqvonror" Sir Thomas Fairfax was one of the outstanding military commanders of the English Civil War. Fairfax is best remembered as the man who commanded the New Model Army at the Battle of Naseby in June 1645. His overwhelming victory here effectively ended any chance Charles I had of winning the war.The piece is depicted on page 204 of the Carrons Architects Catalogue. (pictured - SNo 14056.)Dimensions 87.5cm W x 70cm H x 4cm DeepDimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 34933
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: RIDINGS
  • Date of listing: 28-03-2022

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