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Regency Style Carrara & Rouge Marble Fireplace Surround

£ 1800

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This elegant Regency style fireplace surround has been crafted from reclaimed Carrara and striking rouge red marble. The richly coloured red marble inlaid to the jambs and frieze provides an interesting contrast to the simplicity of the Carrara marble and simple form. The surround stands proud on simple block ends.The clean lines allow this piece to sit well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Dimensions: Shelf: 138cm wide x 16.5cm deep Overall Height: 109.5cm Opening: 93.5cm wide x 91.5cm high Dimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 34844
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: MADISON
  • Date of listing: 16-03-2022

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