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Antique Full Length Inlaid Mahogany Cheval Mirror

£ 1800

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Antique mahogany and inlaid Sheraton style cheval mirror. Flanked by two classic finials in the form of urns the full-length mirror offers a handsome and functional piece that delivering superb craftsmanship and elegant design.The mirror is easily pushed into the required angle, allowing it to deliver a full-length reflection in even the smallest of spaces.Its bevelled edge glass is contained in a mahogany frame with double string inlay which also occurs on the two uprights. The mirror is held in place sideways by two cast brass knobs for adjusting and fixing the mirror in position. Beneath there is a crossover stretcher. The piece stands on 4 sabre legs with string inlay on the fore-edge and finishing with brass castors.Dimensions: 168cm (tall) X 78cm (wide) X 60cm (depth)  Dimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 33902
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  • Date of listing: 28-10-2021

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