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Upcycled Industrial Glass Top Electrical Insulator Table

£ 480

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Suitable for interior or exterior spaces these unique tables have been upcycled from ceramic electrical insulator coils.The toughened glass top allows the polished ceramic ferrules to be highlighted. whilst the robust base can be secured to the floor.We have a large quantity of these bases available in a choice of either a circular or square top. We can also offer a bespoke option if you require a different shape or size - larger sizes can be achieved by combining two bases to provide extra support.The tables have been photographed with the Emu ChairDimensions:Round Top: 71cm DiameterSquare Top: 65cm x 65cmOverall Height: 73cmDimensions are approximate. 

  • Item ID: 33481
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: APR31Z
  • Date of listing: 31-08-2021

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