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Antique Art Deco Cast Iron Grills

£ 350

Quantity in stock:
15 available

We have a large number of these antique Art Deco grills in cast iron. These original 1930s grills have a distinctly Art Deco design with curved panels. The grates or screens can be bought either in their original weathered and rusting state, or they can be stripped and polished (as photographed).Dimensions:121cm high x 69cm wide x 4cm deepDimensions are approximate.The grills are priced at £240 inc. VAT as they are, or £350 inc. VAT polished one side.

  • Item ID: 33475
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: ZZ279
  • Date of listing: 31-08-2021

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