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Transformed Antique Tate Britain Gallery Window Frame Mirror

£ 4200

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Magnificent, unique and steeped in history, this stunning mirror has been created from an antique Victorian cast iron window frame reclaimed from the world-famous Tate Britain art gallery.This unique window frame features an arched opening, with a striking diamond design that is decorated with delicate copper flowers at each intersection. A very unique convex form reminiscent of a battle shield. This cast iron antique window frame was removed from the original part of the Tate Britain building, designed by Sidney R J Smith and built in 1897. The fourth image shows one of the window frames in their original setting, as a basement window at the side of Tate Britain.The frame has been stripped and hand-polished and glazed with mirror glass to make a spectacular and unique mirror with exceptional provenance. Dimensions:128cm wide x 119 high x 9.5cm profileDimensions are approximate.

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  • Date of listing: 27-08-2021

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