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Antique Lapis Lazuli Marble Fireplace Surround

£ 45,000 inc VAT

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A spectacular antique marble fire surround in Statuary marble, with Lapis Lazuli inlay. This monumental fireplace surround was removed from a large house in Hertfordshire, once owned by the shipping magnate Sir Frederik William Lewis (later Lord Essendon). Lord Essendon made numerous improvements to his house, and it was he who installed features such this enormous fireplace surround. This surround is an excellent example of the Georgian Revival style that occurred during the early years of the twentieth century. Due to its large size, this surround would be ideal for creating an 'inglenook' style fireplace.Dimensions:244cm high x 348cm wideDimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 32520
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  • Date of listing: 24-04-2021

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