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Magnificent Collection of Antique 18th Century Oil on Canvas Murals

£ 15000

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Antique George III oil painted canvas panels in their original state.
Delicately painted compositions depicting prominent symbolism of the period including imagery of Doves representing hope, peace and prosperity alongside a daisy crown portraying purity and innocence.
The largest panels have central motives with fluted, beaded and gadrooned border issuing further scrolling foliage.
A very rare find and a striking decorative interior addition.
Seven panels in total to be sold as one batch, Circa 1760. Dimensions of each canvas can be found on the images.264cm x 158260cm x 160264cm x 115259cm x 40.5259cm x 28.5130cm x 88132cm x 89

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  • Date of listing: 22-02-2021

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