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Antique Late 18th Century Limestone Fireplace Surround

£ 2500

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A late 18th Century Limestone fireplace removed from the vaulted Clerkenwell Catacombs in London.
The Vaults c.1615 and 1794, now known as the "Clerkenwell Catacombs" remained after the demolition of Clerkenwell Bridewell prison.
They were reopened as air-raid shelters during the London Blitz, and can still be accessed via an entrance on Clerkenwell Close. For a few years the vaults were open as a tourist attraction. Various movies have been filmed in the catacombs.
We have a number of fireplace surrounds of varying sizes from this removal project. A fantastic piece of London architectural heritage.

Shelf 145cm W x 23cm D
Overall 133cm H
Opening 86cm x 105.5cm

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  • Date of listing: 21-02-2021

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