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Spectacular green glass panels reclaimed from central London Headquarters

£ 600

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4 available

Extremely attractive, versatile and rare, we have acquired a large amount of these glass panes. The wonderfully textured pieces were removed from a building in St James's Square, Central London, (unfortunately due to legal reasons we are not at liberty to reveal the exact company building).
The glass has a beautiful tint of green. When light passes through the panes the result is striking. The glass has a subtle frosted finish offering privacy.
The pieces are of supreme quality making them suitable to be used in either an internal or external space.
The pieces were originally used to screen off and divide rooms in the reception and offices as well as for the external windows of the building.
We do also have some taller pieces available and some thinner panes which are formed of the same pattern (but separate across 2 panes) - Thinner Pieces
Price is per piece Overall Dimensions 134cm x 72.5cm x 2cm Dimensions are approximate

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  • Date of listing: 21-02-2021

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