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Reclaimed Late 19th Century Crittall Style Honeycomb Window Panels - F

£ 240

Quantity in stock:
1 available

We have acquired a wonderful collection of Crittall glazed windows and panels, each panel is of high quality and made from cast iron there are a selection of various sizes, with hexagonal sections these panels make for a striking addition to a property project.
The highly attractive honeycomb panels provide are in various conditions, some are fully glazed whereas others have damage to some of the glass. They present an exciting renovation opportunity and can be left in their current painted white state or they can be stripped and polished to varying degrees (please see example image).
Some of the windows come complete with handles. Please get in touch to discuss finish options that we can offer in-house at The Architectural Forum.
Panel sizes and quantities available (all 2cm Depth):
A - single - 133cm T X 45.5cm W - 15 availableB - pair - 89cm T X 46cm W - 2 pairs availableC - single -45cm T x 45cm W - 8 availableD - pair - 109cm (tallest point, 92.5 shorter height) X 46cm W - 2 pairs availableE - single -67.5cm T X 48cm W - 4 availableF - single -160.5cm T X 47.5cm W - 4 available
Dimensions are approximate
Prices are per pair or per panel as listed above and on photos

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  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: WWP-F
  • Date of listing: 20-02-2021

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