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Antique Heavily Carved Oak Jacobean Style Wooden Element , Overmantle

£ 2200

Rich in detail and colour this deep ornate wooden element carved from oak is flanked by Kings on each end.
The antique piece in a Jacobean style has been wonderfully sculpted from oak. with an interesting mix of mythical creatures, flora, a central lion birds and trailing acanthus leaves which surround a male and female carvings.
The oak carvings create a fascinating and very decorative item which would make an exceptional feature in a plethora of settings.
160cm Wide X 113cm Tall X 56.5cm Deep
Dimensions are Approximate.

  • Item ID: 31696
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: NTZ314
  • Date of listing: 20-02-2021

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