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Alscot Bathroom Company

Suppliers of Victorian, Edwardian and art deco bathrooms and sanitary ware. Bathroom restoration services: As well as Bath Resurfacing, we offer a re-enamelling service fired in the furnace. Old cast iron baths can be to their former glory and original finish by vitreous re-enamelling. Antique tile restoration.

  • ID9353
  • Business Name:Alscot Bathroom Company
  • Contact Name:Norman Cockcroft
  • Contact: UK > West Midlands
    Solihull 1 Oak Farm, Hampton Lane B92 0JB
    0121 709 1901
    07956 814367
  • Webhttps://www.alscotbathrooms.com/
  • Location: UK > West Midlands
  • Category: Antique Bathroom