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London Reclaimed Brick Merchants Ltd

Salvo Code member, London Reclaimed Brick Merchants is a premier supplier of reclaimed bricks and natural stone throughout London, and the UK. Stocking in excess of 3 million bricks, 90% of which are acquired through reclamation following their own demolition or recycling services, making London Reclaimed Brick Merchants more than capable of supplying and catering to a wide range of requirements.

Bricks are hand picked and cleaned of excess mortar and cement and then quality checked and palletised into types and colour.

The brick matching service helps customers select the appropriate bricks for any project, whether the demands see you having to meet strict planning permission guidelines or if you need to find bricks to fit suitably in an existing building. The range of bricks and other building materials in stock includes Imperial bricks, granite cobbles and natural stone.

  • ID29592
  • Business Name:London Reclaimed Brick Merchants Ltd
  • Contact: UK > London West
    London Unit 2 The Bridgeworks Iver Lane Uxbridge UB8 2JG
    0208 452 1111
    07958 193566
  • Webhttps://www.lrbm.com
  • Location: London West > UK
  • Category: Reclaimed Bricks