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Romsey Reclamation Ltd

Reclaimed bricks , Tiles, Slates, Timber including Railway Sleepers: both reclaimed sleepers and new, Flagstones , Telegraph poles , Quarry tiles and Architectural Salvage.

Started 22 years ago (simply as Romsey Reclamation) and has been improving and expanding ever since; gaining more knowledge and experience over the years we have worked our way through selling some several million bricks, millions more in the way of tiles and slates and hundreds of thousands of railway sleepers to mention just four of our products; now numbering well into the hundreds.

  • ID10953
  • Business Name:Romsey Reclamation Ltd
  • Contact Name:Trevor Halfacre
  • Contact: UK > Hampshire
    Awbridge Oak Tree Farm Dunbridge Lane SO51 0GQ
    01794 342252
  • Webhttp://www.romseyreclamation.com
  • Location: UK > Hampshire
  • Category: Reclamation Yards