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Romsey Reclamation Ltd

Salvo Code member, Romsey Reclamation is a great destination for reclaimed building materials, supplying private, commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil engineering sectors.

Set on a large site which is easy to explore, stock includes a wide range of reclaimed bricks, tiles, slates, timber including railway sleepers - both reclaimed sleepers and new, flagstones, telegraph poles, quarry tiles and architectural salvage. Services include brick and tile matching.

  • ID10953
  • Business Name:Romsey Reclamation Ltd
  • Contact Name:Trevor Halfacre
  • Contact: UK > Hampshire
    Awbridge Oak Tree Farm Dunbridge Lane SO51 0GQ
    01794 342252
  • Webhttp://www.romseyreclamation.com
  • Location: Hampshire > UK
  • Category: Reclamation Yards