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Architectural Salvage Source

Large quantities of reclaimed London stock bricks, yellow stocks, yellow multi stocks, dark multi stocks, soft red stocks, Luton grey stocks, gaunts or gaults, delivery arranged, samples or pictures sent. York Stone. Iron Work. Cobble Stones. Quarry Tiles. Roof Tiles. Fireplaces. Gates. Doors. Cast Radiators. Sourcing and matching service.

Open by appointment only.

  • ID10765
  • Business Name:Architectural Salvage Source
  • Contact Name:Dean Cannadine
  • Contact: UK > Hertfordshire
    London Colney Willows Farm Coursers Road AL4 0PF
    01727 822986
    07960 351141
  • Webhttps://www.archsource.co.uk/
  • Location: UK > Hertfordshire
  • Category: Reclamation Yards