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Madonna & Child

Stolen from Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset, England between 23 November 2002.

ITEM ONE: 16th Century carved wooden statue 0f the Madonna & child - child in left hand & right hand of Madonna missing. She is wearing full length robes belted at the waist & a horseshoe shaped necklace, her hair is worn up at the front & down at the back with a crown on her head. Statue is one & a half feet tall & was stolen from an altar.
ITEM TWO: Carved stone figures of a knight in armour housed in a trefoil headed niche

  • ID15764
  • Business Name:AVON & SOMERSET POLICE
  • Contact Name:Antiques Desk
  • Contact: UK > Bristol
    PORTISHEAD PO Box 37, Valley Road BS20 8QJ
    01275 816730
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  • Stolen from
  • Stolen date2002-12-18 11:34:12
  • Crime reference8965/02
  • Number of items stolen2
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: Architectural WOODWORK & Panelling

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