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Snead & Co. Cast Iron Bookshelves

$ 25,000

Quantity in stock: 2

Two exceptional, antique library shelving units:

9ft wide X 92in high X 18in deep.
15ft wide X 92in high X 18 deep (pictured)

Fully adjustable to fit all book sizes, inc. art & photography tomes. Shelves racks are designed for good ventilation, so you books remain dry and in perfect condition.

These shelves can be used 'floating' in a room as a perfect room divider or also work well against a wall.

This set also includes a custom marble shelf, perfect for a turntable or sound system.

Rare Snead & Co. Cast Iron Bookshelves. Highly collectible and perfect for a New York interior

Please see Salvo News for more details about the design 'that made America's biggest libraries possible. The same bookshelves are in the New York Public library.

  • ID38918
  • Business Name:Brooklyn Found
  • Contact: USA > New York
    Brooklyn Hicks Street 11201
  • Location: New York > USA
  • Category: Furniture & Mirrors
  • Age: More than 50 years old
  • Dimensions: 457.00 cm. x 46.00 cm. x 234.00 cm.