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Reclaimed French Octagonal Cabochon flooring

€ 420 per sq m inc VAT

Reclaimed antique stones with original worn exquisite surface patina, these antique pavements with black Cabochon, are available in two different sizes:
1st size 25cm (9.85”) with 10cm (3.93”) Cabochon, 2nd size 32.5cm (12.8”) with 13cm (5.11”) Cabochon, will be delivered perfectly restored and thickness cut to approx. 2 cm ( 0.8”) for ease of fitting the interior flooring, This is an antique limestone pavement, reclaimed burgundy floor with black Cabochon , Reclaimed CABOCHON stone tiles reclaimed, authentic antique limestone pavement tiles reclaimed.

Large stocks always available in stock to satisfy small and large historical pavement projects in England-France and all over the world,

We can request a delivery quote to your UK (or overseas) address. In this period (post-Brexit) there is no more Italian VAT to add.
Our reclaimed antique floors have the commodity code indicating they are (antique) and as a result, UK customs allow the reduced UK VAT rate of 5% on imports. Buying through a UK VAT registered company is ideal. Unlike private customers, GB VAT is paid at the UK customs clearance stage before final delivery. The transport company with its own customs broker in the UK facilitates these operations without any hassle.

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  • Business Name:PierreDeBourgogne S.R.L.
  • Contact Name:Luciano Amato
  • Contact: Italy > Toscana (Tuscany)
    Forte dei Marmi Via G.B.Vico 63 55042
    +39 0584876341
    +39 338/9482831
  • WebPierreDeBourgogne S.R.L.
  • Location: Toscana (Tuscany) > Italy
  • Category: Flagstones & Floor Tiles
  • Age: More than 50 years old

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