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Regency Style Statuary Marble Fireplace Surround

£ 3500

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A 19th century Regency style hand-carved statuary marble fireplace surround.The double bird's beak shelf rests up a stepped frieze with carved ribbon and reeding and flanked by high-relief, circular paterae set in the panelled end blocks. Supported on stepped jambs with ribbon and reeding and rests upon shaped foot blocks.A very handsome piece to be teamed with an insert or fire basket/firedogs. Dimensions Shelf: 165cm W x 25.5cm D   Overall Height 123cmOpening 102.5cm Width x 102cm HeightWidth of Jamb: 22cmDimensions are approximate. 

  • Item ID: 36608
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: JULIANNE
  • Date of listing: 16-12-2022

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