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Antique French Style Louis Pompadour Breche Marble Fireplace

£ 2200

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This antique chimneypiece has been crafted from striking rouge breche marble in the very popular and elegant French, pompadour design.The shapely fire surround is in the distinctive French Louis XV style, with a serpentine shelf, shaped opening and angled panelled jambs. The rouge marble has contrasting veins and markings formed from a vast array of colours ranging from striking whites, rich reds to deep dark maroons and charcoal greys.A rare and charming antique fireplace that is perfect for those looking to install original period features.Dimensions Shelf: 111cm wide x 34cm deep Overall height: 103cm high Opening: 88.5cm high x 77cm wide Dimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 36168
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  • Date of listing: 20-09-2022

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