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Antique Globe Wernicke Barrister's Bookcase | Leaded Glass

£ 850

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A fine example of a classic piece, this original Globe Wernicke Barrister's bookcase offers a high-quality, solid mahogany storage solution.Formed of 3 stacking bookcases of two different sizes and a lower drawer for additional storage. Each section has glazed and leaded panels.Highly sort-after, Globe Wernicke are known for its quality and craftsmanship. The bookcases are iconic. They were first seen in The late 19th Century and were designed to store books or other office documents and were commonly seen in solicitors offices, libraries or Schools in Britain. Still extremely collectible today, their unique design can house a large book collection and are quite a unique design.Dimensions Overall Height: 135cm  Overall Width: 86.5m Overall Depth: 38cmDimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 36167
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  • Date of listing: 20-09-2022

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