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Large Reclaimed Brass Chandelier | 12 Arm

£ 950

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1 available

A large antique brass chandelier with 12 arms. We currently have 3 of these chandeliers in stock (LAMOTTA, LISTON, HOPKINS)The impressive light has a turned shaft with a ball base. The large piece has 12 serpentine arms with light fixtures and drip discs. Suspended from a simple rose, the chandelier would make for an impressive addition to any interior project demanding a feature light piece.Dimensions:107cm diameter x 53cm drop (not including any chain or rose)Dimensions are approximate.Please note: although the lights are in working order due to their reclaimed nature we always advise that they are tested by a professional before installation.  

  • Item ID: 35836
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: LAMOTTA
  • Date of listing: 23-07-2022

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