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Rare Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator Reclaimed from Mercers Hall | 6 Available

£ 1160

Quantity in stock:
6 available

We currently have 6 of these cast iron radiators in stock, reclaimed from Mercers Hall, London.  A very rare and beautiful design, these Art Deco radiators have been hand polished to deliver an attractive silver finish, highlighting the form. Each radiator has a vent to the bottom which can be open or closed. This fully restored original cast iron radiator offers a robust energy-efficient heating solution.  Please contact us for the BTU for this radiator.The Mercers’ Company was formally incorporated in 1394 by a Royal Charter granted by Richard II. Setup as a trade guild for the interests of exporters of woollens and the importers of silks, velvets, fine linens and other luxury fabrics. The location of the Mercers' home (originally a monastery), on the thoroughfare of Cheapside, has remained the same since the 14th century. Price is per radiator, please contact us to check stock levels.Dimensions: Height 70cm x Depth 18cm x Width 65cm Dimensions are approximate. 

  • Item ID: 34996
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  • Date of listing: 9-04-2022

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