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Antique Victorian Breakfront Housekeeper's Cupboard | Dresser | Linen Press

£ 6000

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A superb quality Housekeeper's Cupboard in Flame Mahogany.The piece has ample storage to both the front and sides. The drawers are oak-lined and the central cupboard has a green felt textile (which can be easily removed if desired).The flame mahogany has a deep, rich colour and wonderful patination. A very handsome and functional piece completed with wooden door furniture with brass details. Dismantles into 8 sections.Dimensions Overall Height: 260cm Overall Width: 210cm Overall Depth: 75cm Dimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 34937
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: ROLAND
  • Date of listing: 28-03-2022

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