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Reclaimed Glass Blocks | Glass Partition Wall

£ 5

Quantity in stock:
330 available

We have reclaimed 330 of these glass blocks. Suitable for creating a transparent partition and various other projects - the glass delivers textures and finish that provides privacy whilst still allowing light to pass through.Price is per block - the blocks are palleted and ready for collection. As seen in the images the blocks come in two different styles: 1 - has a rippled/wave effect that subtly distorts the transparency. 2 - Has a ribbed pattern (one side has verticle ridges, the other side has horizontal which creates a heavier distortion.Dimensions: 19cm x 19cmDepth: 8cmDimensions are approximate.

  • Item ID: 34934
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: JASMINE
  • Date of listing: 28-03-2022

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