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Fully Restored Cast Iron 2 Column Radiator (66.5cm x 88cm)

£ 680

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An original antique cast iron radiator, fully restored and ready for installation.This freestanding two-column radiator has 15 sections in a matt black finish.The radiator stands of 3 sets of feet. As well as being restored to full working order, the radiator has been given two layers of primer and four coats of oil-based paint in a sprayed finish in Matt Black and has been fully pressure-tested and ready for installation. It offers a superior quality product in both heat output and robustness compared to reproduction radiators currently on the market.

Dimensions: 66.5cm x 88cm x 11cm Deep
Dimensions are approximate. 

  • Item ID: 34750
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: RIA7
  • Date of listing: 1-03-2022

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