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Antique 19th Century Mahogany Glazed Bookcase , Dresser

£ 1450

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A very handsome piece of period furniture this glazed dresser has ample storage to both top and bottom units.The original 19th Century is made from rich mahogany with wonderful patina and is kitted out with 4 shelves to the top unit and a deeper shelved space to the bottom. With large rounded corners to the cornice and arched panels to the lower cupboard doors the bookcase is a fine example of Victorian design and craftsmanship.Dimensions OVERALL: 230cm high - 130cm Wide - 45cm DeepLower Unit 45cm DeepUpper Unit 28.5cm Deep Dimensions are approximate

  • Item ID: 33897
  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: BROSNAN
  • Date of listing: 28-10-2021

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