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Reclaimed Long Oak Woodblocks

£ 40 per sq m

European Oak Blocks originally laid in a basket-weave or chess pattern. Blocks both nailed through the tongue – as well as laid in bitumen. Slight variation in widths. We are selling them “As they Came to us” for £40.00 per m2. However if you want us to, we can do the following for surprisingly reasonable costs.

** Kiln-Dry every block to 9-11% - or if you want to lay directly over Under Floor Heating – to 6-8% Moisture Content. We give a full written guarantee with every batch kilned. See image 3. Also see in our services we offer - " On-Site Kilns" on our website.
* *Remove all the nails and then machine off 95% of the old bitumen. EVERY block will be exactly the same thickness - when laid. Minimal sanding.See image 4. See in Our Products - " Reclaimed Parquet Blocks."
* *Remove all the tongues and regularise all blocks TO ONE AGREED WIDTH.The old bitumen still remains on the tongues and in the grooves of 50% of the blocks. This prevents them butting up tightly when being re-laid.

When you receive these blocks, they are almost like new. They lay up perfectly, require little sanding and no filling  -  but when installed, it is still obvious that this is a reclaimed floor.

Contact: sales@antiquewoodenfloors.co.uk or call on Declan 07774 91217

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    07774 931217
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