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Pair of Terra-cotta Statues of Cherubs (Putti)

€ 3,500 plus tax

Pair of terra-cotta statues of cherubs (putti) at play : Presumed 19th century, this pair of delightful statues depicts two pairs of putti at play. One holds a bouquet of flowers, another a bundle of sticks, and the other pair play over flowers held high. Will one snatch from the other …..? … these are joyous scenes.
The statues are in fair condition, but have been repaired in plaster in places, however with a good colour match.

BCA Ref 201828 Dimensions approx :
Overall width 60cm (“bouquet & sticks”) or 50cm (“flowers held high »)
Overall height 104 cm (41 inches)
Front-to-back 30cm

  • ID25251
  • Business Name:BCA Materiaux Anciens
  • Contact Name:David
  • Contact: France > Maine-et-Loire (49)
    Segré en Anjou Bleu Route de Craon L'Hotellerie-de-Flee 49500
    +33 (0)607 019 026
  • WebBCA Materiaux Anciens
  • Location: Maine-et-Loire (49) > France
  • Category: Statuary
  • Age: More than 50 years old

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