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Reclaimed BEBY Italy Murano Glass Chandelier

£ 4500

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This highly attractive feature light provides two tiers of Murano glass and was crafted by Italian design house BEBY Italy.

With two tiers of Murano glass, the chandelier is composed of 15 arms (5 top, 10 bottom). The large piece provides a wonderful lighting solution that is sure to wow.

BEBY Italy is renowned for it's luxury lighting with their pieces found in prestIgious properties across the globe.

The two tiers have Murano glass arms that are adorned with crystals to reflect and refract light.

Dimensions: 120cm Width X 140cm Drop (not including suspending chain and rose.

Dimensions are approximate.

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  • Seller ID: 10617
  • Seller stock code: BEBY3
  • Date of listing: 25-05-2019

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