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terracotta pot and roof finials

Four Terracotta Victorian roof finials of which two were a pair and resembled a King and Queen, the King with the top comprising four ribs like a crown and the Queen with a large globe on top about 5 inches in diameter All four finials had a base of 12/14 inches and were about two feet in height

The fifth item was a Greek Pithoi style round pot made of pale pottery with sculpted rings and three handles. About 15 inches high, base about 8/9 inches in diameter., middle about 14/15 inches in diameter and top about 12 inches in diameter

  • ID23755
  • Alt Contact:Email: 101@dorset.pnn.police.UK Collar No. 6347 Poole/ Dorchester
  • Stolen fromPoole, Dorset
  • Stolen date10/11 January 2019
  • Crime reference55190005822
  • Number of items stolen5
  • Location: UK > Dorset
  • Category: Architectural STONE & TERRACOTTA