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Wall Fountain Style Antique Provence, Provencal Stone Fountian

£ 7,600.00

Wall Fountain Antique Provençal Style in Stone entirely handmade, reclaimed and cleaned by hand,
this fountain has been designed and created by hand, it is a unique piece (there are no equal copies), height about 170 cm, width 100 cm and depth 60 cm, very beautiful,for more information we are at your disposal, Shipping International

  • ID22061
  • Business Name:PierreDeBourgogne S.R.L.
  • Contact Name:Luciano Amato
  • Contact: Italy > Toscana (Tuscany)
    Forte dei Marmi Via G.B.Vico 63 55042
    +39 0584876341
    +39 338/9482831
  • WebPierreDeBourgogne S.R.L.
  • Location: Toscana (Tuscany) > Italy
  • Category: Garden
  • Age: Less than 50 years old

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