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Milepost Stolen from Wighton, Norfolk

Wells-Fakenham Turnpike cast iron milepost, V-plan casting with vertical rounded headplate. Lettering was once on plates bolted on to main casting but these had become detached some time ago, although remains of the bolts are evident. The post is 43 cm wide, 31 cm along each side and approx. 85 cm tall. It stood on the E side of the B1105 under a hedge at TF 9042 3941. It was last seen in early 2017.

Norfolk Historic Environment Record No. 56492

  • ID19429
  • Alt Contact:Milestone Society
  • Stolen fromWighton, Norfolk
  • Stolen dateLast seen early 2017
  • Crime reference36/28834/17
  • Number of items stolen1
  • Location: UK > Norfolk
  • Category: Shop, Pub, Church, Telephone Boxes & Bygones

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