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Stolen Cornish Milestone

Launceston Turnpike Trust milestone, rectangular cross section granite monolith with rounded top, inscribed L / 6 on the front face. A square below the main inscription suggests the removal of a bench mark. There is a bench mark near the base on the left face. The milestone is 12ins wide and 7 1/2ins deep. It stood 31ins above the ground, so would be approximately 4 feet tall once removed. It stood at SX2466 8437 on the north side of A395 just west of Coombe Gate Farm. It was grade II listed reference Laneast 68353.

  • ID19408
  • Alt Contact:Milestone Society
  • Stolen fromCornwall UK
  • Stolen date2007
  • Crime referenceBL/07/1101
  • Number of items stolen1
  • Location: UK > Cornwall
  • Category: Stone

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