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Lead cherub holding dolphin and pair of cherub finials

Stolen from near Reading, Berkshire, UK on or after Sunday 1 April 2007.

ITEM ONE: lead fountain head, in the form of a cherub holding a dolphin, approx 69cm high.
ITEMS TWO: A pair of lead pier finials or ornaments modelled as putti or cherubs on stone spheres, cast opposing, each holding a goblet and grapes, approx 86cm high.
ITEM THREE (no photo): Bronze-coloured armillary SUNDIAL

  • ID19352
  • Business Name:Thames Valley Police
  • Contact Name:DC3882 Jackie Murdoch
  • Contact: UK > Oxfordshire
    Kidlington Oxford Road OX5 2NX
    01865 846000
  • Webhttps://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/
  • Stolen fromunknown - SalvoWEB admin
  • Stolen date1 Apr 2007 unknown - SalvoWEB admin
  • Crime referenceMH9689247/07
  • Number of items stolen3
  • Location: UK > Berkshire
  • Category: Statuary

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