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Painted 15thC church panels stolen

Stolen from Newton Abott, Devon, England on 10 February 2003.

Three polychrome painted WOODEN PANELS from a 15th century wooden altar or rood screen, the panels depicting saints: St Lawrence in a red robe with a bible and large fork, an Archbishop in a green cloak with a red mitre holding a bible and a cross on a long staff, and a second bishop with a green mitre also holding a bible and a staff. Each panel is approx 86cm high by 12cm wide and is dated around 1470-80.

  • ID19279
  • Stolen from
  • Stolen date2003-04-10 13:20:22
  • Crime referenceNo crime ref no given
  • Number of items stolen3
  • Location: UK > Devon
  • Category: Architectural Woodwork & Panelling
  • 10 Apr 2003

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