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THREE ITEMS: ITEM ONE: Two sandstone TROUGHS on bases (three sections making up the whole and measuring about 26" high). The sandstone may be red but they are coloured grey due to lichen on them. Overall the effect is of an urn. The tops and bases do not match. Base measures 17ins by 18ins, one of them has a corner missing. The middle section is waisted. Base and middle sections together measure approx. 12ins to 14ins. The 'bowl' top is rectangular, approx. 24ins by 26ins and the thickness of the sandstone about 3ins. ITEM TWO: Two red sandstone STADDLE STONES in clean condition, approximately 16ins across and 3ins high. Looking from the side on the top is slightly domed. Crime Ref. No 03YA/400J/02. ITEM THREE (see photo): Two large red sandstone BALLS, 350mm diameter, with holes in the base for metal rods, one ball damaged as pieces of sandstone were left at the scene; each ball weighs approx. 80lbs. Crime Ref. No 03YA/36657U/01

Stolen from Kirkoswald and Pooley Bridge, Cumbria, England on 29 December 2001

  • ID15717
  • Stolen from
  • Stolen date2002-01-10 00:00:00
  • Crime reference03YA/400J/02 and 03Y
  • Number of items stolen6
  • Location: UK > Cumbria
  • Category: GARDEN
  • 10 Jan 2002

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