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Sundial and finials

TWO ITEMS. ITEM ONE: Carved stone baluster SUNDIAL base, with winged hearts, snapped off at base, with brass or bronze sundial plate marked JUNE 1906 E DONO ARTURI G BUTLER MAGISTRI 1862-1867 PEREUNT ET IMPUTANTUR (stolen 12 Nov crn A601605). ITEM TWO: A pair of carved stone MINARET FINIALS with meringue type quiff, on rising socle with circular base, very approx 20ins dia (stolen 19 Nov crn A601625)

Stolen from Hertford, Hertfordshire, England on 12 and 19 November 2001

  • ID15713
  • Stolen from
  • Stolen date2001-11-22 00:00:00
  • Crime referenceA601605 and A601625
  • Number of items stolen2
  • Location: UK > Hertfordshire
  • Category: Garden
  • 22 Nov 2001

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