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Two items. ITEM ONE: Weathered stone statue of MERCURY carrying a lightning bolt, perched on one foot on top of a globe, one wing missing off the heel, aged with greenish moss, approx 4ft tall. ITEM TWO: Recent white stone or composition figure of a GREEK GODDESS partially clothed as if getting out of water, hair in ringlets, in a slightly crouched forward, strikingly beautiful with penetrating eyes, probably only five years old, approx 5ft 6ins high

Stolen from Bristol, Somerset, England on 26 August 2001

  • ID15701
  • Stolen from
  • Stolen date2001-08-31 00:00:00
  • Crime reference6825/01J
  • Number of items stolen2
  • Location: UK > Bristol
  • Category: STATUARY
  • 31 Aug 2001

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