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Why are buyers attracted to vintage and reclaimed furniture

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
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Essex, UK - Millennials have especially embraced reclaimed upcycled, vintage and Mid century style furniture. The reasons why buyers have been so attracted to it were summed up perfectly in an interview with Sara Morel, founder of Reclaimed Woman, by Metroretro owner Saxon Durrant:

'This is a question I've been asked a lot. There are the usual suspect reasons, the two fingers up to mass production and flat pack furniture, the desire to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. I think most buyers though are simply attracted to craftsmanship and quality. A lot of the hardwoods in vintage and reclaimed furniture just aren't out there anymore and many of the techniques used in construction and design are not cost effective in the newly produced equivalent.

Another is an economic reason. Much new furniture, once off the shop floor is worth nothing. It is used and then discarded, nothing worth salvaging. Vintage and reclaimed furniture is better made, will last longer and will always have a value. In many cases this furniture represents an investment. I think many people see it as a safe haven for their hard-earned money in the same way as bricks and mortar.'

Metroretro specialises in vintage design classics from the 1930s and 1950s industrial to Mid-century style furniture. Saxon has also created his own range of reclaimed recrafted furniture to compliment these vintage pieces. All handmade in a workshop in Essex, the popular Horace range of tables, benches and bar stools is made with reclaimed timber plank tops and steel frames. There is an eco water based dye option in shades from a light colour wash to a Jacobean oak. Saxon will also happily take on bespoke commissions for salvaged and repurposed designs.

Metroretro will be exhibiting at the next Midcentury Modern Show, Sunday 10th March 2019 to be held at Dulwich College, London. This is a well established bi-annual interiors show with sixty mid-century dealers plus twenty five contemporary designers. See the website link for details.

Images show a 1930s Boudoir chair £240, 1950s shoe factory trolley £195, 1980s pair French side tables £140 and a 1950s counterweight light £175 all for sale from Metroretro Ltd.

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