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Changes to the Treasure Act 1996

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
changes-to-the-treasure-act-1996-1.jpg changes-to-the-treasure-act-1996-2.jpg changes-to-the-treasure-act-1996-3.png changes-to-the-treasure-act-1996-4.jpg
London West, UK - The UK government is consulting on proposed changes to the Treasure Act 1996 to simplify it, and bring into line with faculties issued by the Church. It is an open consultation until 30 April. The amendments do not appear to differ from the advice given in SalvoNEWS by Dr Roger Bland in 1997, but we could be wrong. The full text of the Act is linked below.

Paul Barford wrote on his interesting archaeological blog, 'Before the UK had the Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme, in the 1950s the Council for British Archaeology launched a public finds recording campaign which included a picture of 'Piltdown Man'. If ever there was a warning about basing archaeological research on reports of finds made by amateurs, that's one ....'

Coincidentally, Mr. Ed Glover had a business in the late 20th century called Piltdown Architectural Salvage, but that could not have been related to Piltdown Man, surely?

Treasure Act 1996
Wikipedia: Dr Roger Bland

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