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Innovative reuse design with salvaged and reclaimed materials.

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
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Kent, UK - Innovative reuse and design from salvaged, reclaimed and old items that can no longer be used for their original purpose is a growing trend. These items are unique, decorative and often bring a past life story. Plus they can be reused as useful new objects rather than ending up in landfill.

The Recraft + Upcycled sector on SalvoWEB features many innovative reuse designs made from antique reclaimed or salvaged material, such as a table made from an old gym floor or a custom bar made from an old sugar mill wheel and even a floor lamp made from an old bicycle.

There are also some excellent reclaimed recraft and upcycler specialists for example Antiques By Design, who use reclaimed and old materials to create beautiful unique interior pieces and DappR, who make innovative salvaged aviation furniture and art designs. Although most architectural salvage yards create a few original salvaged upcycled pieces and some even have a specialist recraft section like the Warehouse 701 originals range. Specialist reclaimed wood salvage yards such as the Antique Oak Flooring Company or Luciano Amato will recraft wood to recreate the original beauty of Versailles patterned panels.

Plus another great resource for creative reuse is the Upcycled Hour Collective. They host #upcycledhour every Tuesday on twitter.

Find more details about all these professional reclaimed upcyclers in the Salvo online directory or on their click thru website button links.

The images show just a few of my favourites currently for sale on SalvoWEB but see the link below to discover your own top picks.

Antique Upcycled Victorian Warehouse Window Mirror from Architectural Forum
An original antique cast iron arched warehouse window reclaimed from a Victorian warehouse building in Kentish Town, North London. The antique window frame has been upcycled into a large, striking mirror with an attractive weathered and distressed finish.

Parquet Kubrik table from Historische Bauelemente
An old oak school gym floor was used to create this unique table. Your own dream table can be made in any size by their design team.

Upcycled bicycle floor lamp from Raw Home
This floor lamp is an absolute one of a kind statement piece and was featured at the Grand Designs Live at Excel, London in May where it was built on stage.
The lamp is made entirely from reclaimed materials and features a matt black frame, wheel and pedals accented beautifully with copper gearings and brushed copper pipework. Black braided Italian cable completes the setup which is all mounted onto a reclaimed timber base. Be the first across the line and snap up this Raw Home original light design. Raw Home also run practical hands on workshops so you too can learn how to make your own lamp.

Mandara Lamp from Fe26
The table lamp is made from re-cycled copper and hand turned salvaged wood. Customised versions of this lamp can be made according to your needs.

Custom Bar from Schiller's Architectural Design and Salvage
Unique custom bar made of copper inlays, wood, cast iron hardware and a large rare sugar mill processing wheel.

Super King Bed Frame from Norfolk Antique & Reclamation
Feel like a king every night in this super king bed frame made from 18th C Carved Oak and Reclaimed Pine.

Recrafted French oak Versailles patterned panels from Luciano Amato.

Recrafted vintage industrial sideboard from Warehouse 701 originals range.

Further images for recraft and upcycling inspiration can be found on the SalvoWEB pinterest page, salvowebpins.

And of course upcycling may only now be the norm with the recent growth in reuse design especially by today's eco designers. However it is good to remember that upcycling is not so new. The word was originally coined by Thornton Kay of Salvo and Reiner Pilz of Pilz GmbH as long ago as 1994.

Note: Antiques By Design, Antique Oak Flooring Company, Architectural Forum, Luciano Amato and Warehouse 701 all follow the Salvo Code. Look out for the Crane logo to spot a Salvo Code member.

SalvoWEB: Recrafted + Upcycled
SalvoWEB Pinterest - salvowebpins

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