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Elton John plays at a Clacton salvage yard, and more news . . .

Posted on | By Thornton Kay
Essex, UK - Elton John plays at a Clacton salvage yard

Manchester - Laurence Green, empresario of Manchester’s hipster’s hangout InSitu Architectural, is back open for business after a half-year sabbatical for refurb works. The newly resurfaced surfaces feature many reclaimed bits including old teak herringbone woodblock panels and reclaimed cream tobacco roof boards. Chris the Talented Joiner (top left) was reduced to chicken-wiring supports for Hushlab100 slabs before relaying the old floorboards, and plastering the external brickwork reduces drafts too!

Nord Pas De Calais - Alice Roberton went on a jolly road trip to north-east France in January Reclaim magazine where she found brocante enlightment with Emmaus and told us about l’Officiel des Braderies - the bible of fleamarkets in Nord Pas de Caiais (top centre) - and the brocabrac.fr website. Her fellow travellers included dealers from New Zealand and Texas, as well as Ray Agace, all of whom bought handsomely at the many places visited over the four days.

London - A consultation document (top right) on the UK government’s 25 year plan for the environment and its measurement, is available here
For example
‘S21 Volume of timber brought to market from a) the public forest estate, and b) other English sources’
does not mention reclaimed timber from demolition and building. When Salvo started in 1991 the Uk reclaimed timber trade was saving around the same quantity of reclaimed wood, 700,000 tonnes annually, that domestic forestry was supplying to the construction sector. That figure started dropping dramatically when the government pushed for more recycling, burning and mulching in the 1990s, and was 330,000 tonnes in 2007 (BigREc survey) of which 33,000 tonnes was tropical hardwood, and much of the reclaimed material was of substantially better quality than new wood.

Herefordshire - The production company for the new film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ bought some multi-coloured fireplace tiles with stylised birds (centre left) , one of which looks like a hoopoe, from English Salvage in Leominister, while down the road Warehouse 701 (centre floorboards for sale) has a new manager, Donald Campbell. W701 is located in a former shell filling factory on the Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, erected in 1915 by the Ministry of Munitions. Shell filling began in 1916 and at its peak 6000 workers were employed of which 4,000 gained the name ‘Canary girls’ as a result of the jaundice they suffered due to their important but hazardous work. See more at warehouse701.co.uk/about

Staffordshire - Meanwhile UKAA supplied a post box to Weatherfields (centre right) on the set of the famous Coronation Street TV series.

Co Durham - SOLD!, a forthcoming exhibition on the history of antique dealing at the Bowes museum, will look at dealers taste, shops and practices over 200 years of antique dealing through an innovative ‘shopping for antiques’ theme. In partnership with dealers in Barnard Castle an ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ will be created offering a visual feast of the kind of objects that would have been on sale in the era of Dickens. SOLD! tells the back story of 25 objects loaned by museums including the V&A, British Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Temple Newsam, National Gallery and Museum of London. Themes include the history of the antique trade, looking at the roles and significance of prominent dealers; ‘amateur dealers’ and ‘collector-dealers’; how dealers valued, catalogued and marketed their objects; as well as the mythologies surrounding the dealer, from Dickens to Lovejoy. Watch out for the silver swan automaton. 26 January - 5 May.

New York - Construction Robotics has built SAM (semi automated mason), a laser-guided robot brick layer (bottom left) made with off-the-peg components, which can lay 380 bricks an hour, and laid 250,000 bricks at the Poff federal building in Roanoke, Virginia. youtube.com/channel/UCc3823E8KmAQRRj-lk6I4Dw and construction-robotics.com/about-us/ and twitter.com/builderbots

Belfast - Titanic: Honor and Glory (bottom centre) has apprently been called the most authentic recreation of any historical subject ever - physical or digital. See how it plans to transport users back to the infamous White Star liner. titanichg.com

Essex - Elton John (bottom right) made a surprise appearance this Christmas at the Clacton yard of A&D Reclaim. Watch the wonderful video here

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