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Summary of home design trends for 2019

Posted on | By Shirley Kay
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New York, USA - Get ahead of the curve and check out the home design trends for 2019. There are many predictions out there and I have picked my two personal favourites. See the summary predictions below and click the links for more design detail.

Decor Mag predicts:
Colour of the year is night watch green.
Convertible urban dwellings with design flexibility.
Compact multi functional furnishings that can adapt to small spaces and modern living needs.
Boho style to add your individual character to any room.
Terrazzo surfaces and decoration continues to trend.
Statement ceilings.
Curved furnishing.
Geometric and tribal patterns.
Eco friendly consideration of the environment with reuse and energy saving design ideas. Support is growing for the idea that we should all take less from our planet.

My Domaine predicts:
Mushroom lamps and vintage dome styles with sculptural curves.
Midcentury Italian bringing more delicate lines, curves and bold colours.
Mustard yellow and bold reds and blues mean that primary colour is back.
Marble and other stone. These materials can create plinth tables.
Paper lanterns make a return.
Boucle fabric to add texture.

Maximalism is one of the main design style predictions but this time round with a fresher look. It is still a mix of periods and styles but with the addition of more unique personal pieces chosen to last. This latest take on the design style has been summed up by Catherine Martin, the doyenne of maximalist movie sets, as practical luxury. In a recent interview with Georgina McWhirter, for Interior Design Media news, Catherine even describes her own collection as made to 'survive the ravages of time, dogs, kids, Nutella.'

The practical luxury theme seems to connect to the way fashionistas are thinking too. Fashion and home design are both closely linked and I often enjoy reading fashion guru, Ben Machell's column. Big Ben's bit on the side is to be found in the London weekly ES magazine. Ben summed it all up for me in a recent piece saying to forget form. The ultimate luxury is really all about comfort and practicality. So clothes and interiors should make you feel happy and comfortable, be fit for purpose and well made to stand the test of time. The core design trend seems to be following a theme of care both for the self and for the wider environment. And as Ben said, 'Have I ever been happier? Honestly? No.'

Images are for design inspiration and are taken from the SalvoWEB online marketplace for architectural salvage, reclaimed, antique, vintage and recrafted upcycled items. And you will be happy to know all the items can be reused with the care of our planet in mind.

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